Eden Project

Personal Project

Digital collage with photography.

When going through the university interview process, I needed to showcase my love for photography somehow. In order to keep it design-themed, I decided to rebrand The Eden Project’s marketing for their annual Festival of Light and Sound — a laser and light powered art installation. If you haven’t ever been, I’d highly recommend it!

I visited the festival during winter 2017, and had a lovely time photographing it on my Olympus OM-D. Something that struck me as odd was that the branding and advertising for the event (something that is usually done very successfully) really didn’t reflect the atmosphere; it was advertised with no more passion than an Easter egg hunt! I was expecting something akin to the Eden Sessions, where the Eden Project hosts live music from the likes of Tom Jones, Dizzee Rascal, and Björk.

With this in mind, I went about creating a unique brand for the festival, trying to appeal to the same audience that appreciates Eden Sessions every year.

As you can see, it resulted in something that was a bit different to the usual things I made at the time. Overall, I’m happy that I tried something new, and my unconditional university offers prove that other people liked it too. Not bad for one morning.

Please note that this personal project was fictional and created for non-commercial purposes. Though adhering to the Eden Project’s brand guidelines, it is not endorsed by nor does it represent the Eden Project.

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