Mr Scorse

Web and Promotional

Mr Scorse is a fantastic deli full of lovely things to eat and drink in the beautiful village of St. Mawes — no prizes for why I was attracted to it. The owner had some major problems with the website which really didn’t represent the business in the best light.

Damage Control

The old site was erased completely due to hackers of dubious origins gaining control. In order to restore some order, I quickly put up a temporary page that led away to the well-managed social media accounts. This remained in place while the website was being constructed to minimise disruptions to customers.

Branding Changes

Mr Scorse Gourmet Deli & Wines already had some lovely branding. The problem was that it really didn’t suit digital or print usage. Very small text and a design forever confined to a circle would hamper (pardon the pun) the new site’s appearance.

The updated logo is faithful to the original but is optimised for web usage; to be readable at small sizes and more recognisable at a glance. Due to there being only minor changes, this didn’t place any pressure on the deli to change their corporate image.

The Website

The Deli needed a modern website that complemented the existing branding. It had to translate perfectly onto mobile devices, due to the vast swathes of tourists St. Mawes attracts every summer — Mr Scorse needed to give a great first impression.

Adding to the existing photography of the business, I was able to make a great-looking site that targeted both holidaymakers and local residents. The main objective was to highlight the local and international produce, as well as the bespoke hampers.

All of this was done with SEO in mind, and the website has seen an increased conversion rate ever since.


As with the branding, Mr Scorse already had a selection of photographs. These were mostly focused on the location, however, rather than the produce the deli was selling. As a result, I photographed the latest products and produced cinemagraphs/infinitely looping videos for use on social media.

Play Video

That’s the story so far! If you’re ever in St. Mawes, definitely give Mr Scorse a visit for your crab sandwich, wine, and gin needs. Failing that, I know a great website that’ll help persuade you to.

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