Telephone Line

Pathway Project

ABC Foundation in Art and Design

Telephone Line was created during my Art Foundation as one of my three ‘pathway’ experimentations. I knew that I wanted to create a narrative, and one that could be told without using text.

A narrative piece, in comic strip form. It shows the life of birds over the whole course of a day

It sounds very ‘Romantic Poet’ of me, but the idea came when I was on a walk, watching crows cawing in the trees. The idea of a slow-moving narrative taking place over an entire day seemed like the best plan, and I began researching illustrative styles that would suit it. If you haven’t guessed already, Nobrow Press was the inspiration for the style of the narrative, from a mix of their house artists.

A pinkish illustration of a single bird sitting on a telephone line, with the mast on the right. There is a blossoming tree on the left
A purple and blue illustration of two birds sitting on telephone line wires.

Initially, I wanted the whole thing to be flat block colours, but found that gradients were better at showing the transition of the sunlight throughout the day. They also let me add attractive highlights, such as on the side of the telegraph pole. This was significant for me, as I’d previously had an aversion to gradients – they reminded me of the cheesy WordArt displays you’d see in primary schools – but I now use them with much more confidence; they do work!

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