Visit Cornwall

A Level Exam

Digitally coloured. Hand drawn lines.

An illustration of St. Agnes from my A2 project Visit Cornwall. This was part of a series of infographics to be placed in historic sites, sharing Cornwall’s industrial heritage with tourists.

The original line art was all done by hand. This was then scanned and digitised before the colouring process took place. While the whole thing could’ve been done traditionally, I wanted to keep my opportunities for experimentation open; such is the A Level way!

I created a series of complematary colour palettes that were used for each location, with St. Agnes having an orangey-soil colour to reflect the industry, and what remains of it.

This was actually the start of my ‘breaking away’ stage – I didn’t want to be condemned to a life of digital-only design, without ever doing anything by hand. It’s what helped inspire me to spend an extra year on an art foundation before going to university, which let me try a range of more traditional image-making techniques in Fine Art, 3D, and Life Drawing.

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